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 * PhotoPopup.cs
 * Authors:
 *   Larry Ewing <lewing@novell.com>
 *   Vladimir Vukicevic <vladimir@pobox.com>
 *   Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com>
 * Copyright (C) 2002 Vladimir Vukicevic
 * Copyright (C) 2003 Novell, Inc.

using System;
using Gtk;
using Gdk;
using Mono.Posix;

public class PhotoPopup {
      public void Activate ()
            Activate (null);

      public void Activate (Gdk.EventButton eb) 
            // FIXME this is a hack to handle the --view case for the time being.
            if (MainWindow.Toplevel == null)

            int count = MainWindow.Toplevel.SelectedIds ().Length;
            Gtk.Menu popup_menu = new Gtk.Menu ();
            bool have_selection = count > 0;
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, Mono.Posix.Catalog.GetString ("Copy Photo Location"), 
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleCopyLocation), have_selection);
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, "f-spot-rotate-270",
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleRotate270Command), have_selection);
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, "f-spot-rotate-90", 
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleRotate90Command), have_selection);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);

            OpenWithMenu owm = OpenWithMenu.AppendMenuTo (popup_menu, MainWindow.Toplevel.SelectedMimeTypes);
            owm.IgnoreApp = "f-spot";
            owm.ApplicationActivated += MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleOpenWith;

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, Mono.Posix.Catalog.GetString ("Remove From Catalog"), 
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleRemoveCommand), have_selection);
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, Mono.Posix.Catalog.GetString ("Delete From Drive"),
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleDeleteCommand), have_selection);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);
            // FIXME TagMenu is ugly.
            MenuItem attach_item = new MenuItem (Mono.Posix.Catalog.GetString ("Attach Tag"));
            TagMenu attach_menu = new TagMenu (attach_item, MainWindow.Toplevel.Database.Tags);
            attach_menu.NewTagHandler = MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleCreateTagAndAttach;
            attach_menu.TagSelected += MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleAttachTagMenuSelected;
            attach_item.ShowAll ();
            popup_menu.Append (attach_item);

            // FIXME finish the IPhotoSelection stuff and move the activate handler into the class
            // this current method is way too complicated.
            MenuItem remove_item = new MenuItem (Mono.Posix.Catalog.GetString ("Remove Tag"));
            PhotoTagMenu remove_menu = new PhotoTagMenu ();
            remove_menu.TagSelected += MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleRemoveTagMenuSelected;
            remove_item.Submenu = remove_menu;
            remove_item.Activated += MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleTagMenuActivate;
            remove_item.ShowAll ();
            popup_menu.Append (remove_item);

            if (eb != null)
                  popup_menu.Popup (null, null, null, eb.Button, eb.Time);
                  popup_menu.Popup (null, null, null, 0, Gtk.Global.CurrentEventTime);

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