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FlickrNet::Response Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The root object returned by Flickr. Used with Xml Serialization to get the relevant object. It is internal to the FlickrNet API Library and should not be used elsewhere.

Definition at line 14 of file Response.cs.

Public Attributes

ActiveGroups ActiveGroups
XmlElement[] AllElements
 If using flickr.test.echo this contains all the other elements not covered above.
Blogs Blogs
Category Category
Contacts Contacts
ContextCount ContextCount
ContextPhoto ContextNextPhoto
ContextPhoto ContextPrevPhoto
ResponseError Error
 If an error occurs the Error property is populated with a ResponseError instance.
GroupInfo GroupInfo
Licenses Licenses
Online OnlineUsers
Person Person
PhotoCounts PhotoCounts
PhotoInfo PhotoInfo
PhotoPermissions PhotoPermissions
Photos Photos
Photoset Photoset
Photosets Photosets
PoolGroups PoolGroups
Sizes Sizes
ResponseStatus Status
PhotoInfoTags Tags
User User
WhoInfo Who

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