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FlickrNet::ExifTag Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Details of an individual EXIF tag.

Definition at line 63 of file ExifPhoto.cs.


string Clean [get, set]
 An optional clean version of the Raw property. May be null if the Raw property is in a suitable format already.
string Label [get, set]
 The label, or description for the tag, such as Aperture or Manufacturer.
string Raw [get, set]
 The raw EXIF data.
string Tag [get, set]
 The tag number.
string TagSpace [get, set]
 The type of EXIF data, e.g. EXIF, TIFF, GPS etc.
int TagSpaceId [get, set]
 An id number for the type of tag space.

Private Attributes

string _clean
string _label
string _raw
string _tag
string _tagSpace
int _tagSpaceId

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