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FlickrNet::Photoset Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A set of properties for the photoset.

Definition at line 43 of file PhotoSets.cs.


string Description [get, set]
 The description of the photoset.
int NumberOfPhotos [get, set]
 The number of photos in the photoset.
string OwnerId [get, set]
 The ID of the owner of the photoset.
Photo[] PhotoCollection [get, set]
 An array of photo objects in the photoset.
string PhotosetId [get, set]
 The ID of the photoset.
string PrimaryPhotoId [get, set]
 The photo ID of the primary photo of the photoset.
string Secret [get, set]
 The secret for the primary photo for the photoset.
int Server [get, set]
 The server for the primary photo for the photoset.
string Title [get, set]
 The title of the photoset.
string Url [get, set]
 The URL of the photoset.

Private Attributes

string _description
int _numberOfPhotos
string _ownerId
Photo[] _photoCollection = new Photo[0]
string _photosetId
string _primaryPhotoId
string _secret
int _server
string _title
string _url

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