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FlickrNet::FlickrConfigurationSettings Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Configuration settings for the Flickr.Net API Library.

First, register the configuration section in the configSections section:

          <section name="flickrNet" type="FlickrNet.FlickrConfigurationManager,FlickrNet"/>

Next, include the following config section:

          apiKey="1234567890abc"    // optional
          secret="2134123"          // optional
          token="234234"                  // optional
          cacheSize="1234"          // optional, in bytes (defaults to 50 * 1024 * 1024 = 50MB)
          cacheTimeout="[d.]hh:mm:ss"     // optional, defaults to 1 day (1.00:00:00) - day component is optional
e.g. 10 minutes = 00:10:00 or 1 hour = 01:00:00 or 2 days, 12 hours = 2.12:00:00
          <proxy           // proxy element is optional, but if included the attributes below are mandatory as mentioned
          ipaddress=""     // mandatory
          port="8000"                     // mandatory
          username="username"       // optional, but must have password if included
          password="password"       // optional, see username
          domain="domain"                 // optional, used for Microsoft authenticated proxy servers

Definition at line 38 of file FlickrConfigurationSettings.cs.

Public Member Functions

 FlickrConfigurationSettings (XmlNode configNode)
 Loads FlickrConfigurationSettings with the settings in the config file.


string ApiKey [get]
 API key. Null if not present. Optional.
string ApiToken [get]
 API token. Null if not present. Optional.
int CacheSize [get]
 Cache size in bytes. 0 if not present. Optional.
TimeSpan CacheTimeout [get]
 Cache timeout. Equals TimeSpan.MinValue is not present. Optional.
bool IsProxyDefined [get]
 If the proxy is defined in the configuration section.
string ProxyDomain [get]
 The domain for the proxy. Optional.
string ProxyIPAddress [get]
 If IsProxyDefined is true then this is mandatory.
string ProxyPassword [get]
 The password for the proxy. Optional.
int ProxyPort [get]
 If IsProxyDefined is true then this is mandatory.
string ProxyUsername [get]
 The username for the proxy. Optional.
string SharedSecret [get]
 Shared Secret. Null if not present. Optional.

Private Attributes

string _apiKey
string _apiSecret
string _apiToken
int _cacheSize
TimeSpan _cacheTimeout = TimeSpan.MinValue
string _proxyAddress
bool _proxyDefined
string _proxyDomain
string _proxyPassword
int _proxyPort
string _proxyUsername

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