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Photos FlickrNet::Flickr::FavoritesGetPublicList ( string  userId,
int  perPage,
int  page 
) [inline]

Gets the public favourites for a specified user.

This function difers from Flickr.FavoritesGetList in that the user id is not optional.

userId The is of the user whose favourites you wish to return.
perPage The number of photos to return per page.
page The specific page to return.
A Photos object containing a collection of Photo objects.

Definition at line 1141 of file Flickr.cs.

                  NameValueCollection parameters = new NameValueCollection();
                  parameters.Add("method", "flickr.favorites.getPublicList");
                  parameters.Add("user_id", userId);
                  if( perPage > 0 ) parameters.Add("per_page", perPage.ToString());
                  if( page > 0 ) parameters.Add("page", page.ToString());
                  FlickrNet.Response response = GetResponseCache(parameters);

                  if( response.Status == ResponseStatus.OK )
                        return response.Photos;
                        throw new FlickrException(response.Error);

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