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static Response FlickrNet::Flickr::Deserialize ( string  responseString  )  [inline, static, private]

Converts the response string (in XML) into the Response object.

responseString The response from Flickr.
A Response object containing the details of the

Definition at line 454 of file Flickr.cs.

                  XmlSerializer serializer = _responseSerializer;
                        // Deserialise the web response into the Flickr response object
                        StringReader responseReader = new StringReader(responseString);
                        FlickrNet.Response response = (FlickrNet.Response)serializer.Deserialize(responseReader);

                        return response;
                  catch(InvalidOperationException ex)
                        // Serialization error occurred!
                        throw new FlickrException(9998, "Invalid response received (" + ex.Message + ")");

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