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Tao::GlPostProcess Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file GlPostProcess.cs.

Static Public Member Functions

static void Main (string[] args)
static void ProcessType (ModuleBuilder mbuilder, Assembly inputAssembly, string typeName, bool isInstanceClass)
 takes a mbuilder for output, the input assembly, the name of the type, and a flag indicating whether it's an instance type or not (i.e. whether the members should be static or not.

Public Attributes

const string GL_NATIVE_LIBRARY = "opengl32.dll"
 .config files are used to map this in mono

Static Private Member Functions

static CustomAttributeBuilder CreateGLExtCAB (string extname, string procname)
static void EmitLdarg (ILGenerator ilg, int arg)
static void EmitLdloc (ILGenerator ilg, int loc)
static void EmitStloc (ILGenerator ilg, int loc)
static CustomAttributeBuilder GetCLSCompliantCAB (bool isCLScompliant)
static MethodInfo GetFreeGlobalMI ()
static CustomAttributeBuilder GetOutCAB ()
static MethodInfo GetStringMarshalMI ()
static CustomAttributeBuilder GetSuppressUnmanagedCSCAB ()
static CustomAttributeBuilder GetUnverifiableCodeCAB ()

Static Private Attributes

static CustomAttributeBuilder clsCAB = null
static Hashtable field_hash
static MethodInfo freeglobalMI = null
static CustomAttributeBuilder outCAB = null
static MethodInfo stringmarshalMI = null
static CustomAttributeBuilder sumcsCAB = null
static CustomAttributeBuilder uvfCAB = null
static FieldInfo win32SigField

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