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FSpotTabbloExport::TabbloExport Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for FSpotTabbloExport::TabbloExport:

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file TabbloExport.cs.

Public Member Functions

void Run (IBrowsableCollection selection)
void Run (FSpot.IBrowsableCollection photos)

Private Member Functions

Picture[] GetPicturesForUpload ()
void HandleAccountDataChanged (object sender, EventArgs args)
void HandleResponse (object sender, Gtk.ResponseArgs args)
void ReadAccountData ()
void Upload ()
void WriteAccountData ()

Private Attributes

Gtk.Button cancel_button
readonly Connection connection
Gtk.Dialog dialog
const string DialogName = "tabblo_export_dialog"
Gtk.Button export_button
const string KeyringItemApp = "FSpotTabbloExport"
const string KeyringItemAppAttr = "application"
const string KeyringItemName = "Tabblo Account"
const string KeyringItemNameAttr = "name"
const string KeyringItemUsernameAttr = "username"
Gtk.Entry password_entry
FSpot.IBrowsableCollection photos
readonly Preferences preferences
FSpot.ThreadProgressDialog progress_dialog
Gtk.ScrolledWindow thumb_scrolled_window
Gtk.Entry username_entry

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