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 * TagPopup.cs
 * Author:
 *   Larry Ewing <lewing@novell.com>
 * Copyright (c) 2004 Novell, Inc.
 * This is free software. See COPYING for details.

using System;
using Mono.Unix;
using FSpot;
using FSpot.Utils;

public class TagPopup {
      public void Activate (Gdk.EventButton eb, Tag tag, Tag [] tags)
            int photo_count = MainWindow.Toplevel.SelectedPhotos ().Length;
            int tags_count = tags.Length;

            Gtk.Menu popup_menu = new Gtk.Menu ();

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu,
                String.Format (Catalog.GetPluralString ("Find", "Find", tags.Length), tags.Length),
                new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleIncludeTag),

        FSpot.TermMenuItem.Create (tags, popup_menu);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, Catalog.GetString ("Create New Tag..."), "tag-new",
                              MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleCreateNewCategoryCommand, true);

        GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu,
                  Catalog.GetString ("Edit Selected Tag..."), "gtk-edit",
                  delegate { MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleEditSelectedTagWithTag (tag); }, tag != null && tags_count == 1);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu,
                  Catalog.GetPluralString ("Delete Tag", "Delete Tags", tags_count), "gtk-delete",
                  new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleDeleteSelectedTagCommand), tag != null);
            GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu,
                              Catalog.GetPluralString ("Attach Tag to Selection", "Attach Tags to Selection", tags_count), "gtk-add",
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleAttachTagCommand), tag != null && photo_count > 0);

            GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu,
                              Catalog.GetPluralString ("Remove Tag From Selection", "Remove Tags From Selection", tags_count), "gtk-remove",
                              new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleRemoveTagCommand), tag != null && photo_count > 0);

            if (tags_count > 1 && tag != null) {
                  GtkUtil.MakeMenuSeparator (popup_menu);

                  GtkUtil.MakeMenuItem (popup_menu, Catalog.GetString ("Merge Tags"),
                                    new EventHandler (MainWindow.Toplevel.HandleMergeTagsCommand), true);


            if (eb != null)
                  popup_menu.Popup (null, null, null, eb.Button, eb.Time);
                  popup_menu.Popup (null, null, null, 0, Gtk.Global.CurrentEventTime);


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