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override void FlickrNet::PictureCacheItemPersister::Write ( Stream  outputStream,
ICacheItem  cacheItem 
) [inline, virtual]

Write a single cache item to the output stream.

Implements FlickrNet::CacheItemPersister.

Definition at line 374 of file Cache.cs.

References FlickrNet::PictureCacheItem::creationTime, FlickrNet::PictureCacheItem::filename, FlickrNet::PictureCacheItem::fileSize, and FlickrNet::PictureCacheItem::url.

                  PictureCacheItem pci = (PictureCacheItem) cacheItem;
                  StringBuilder output = new StringBuilder();

                  output.Append(pci.url + "\n");
                  output.Append(pci.creationTime.Ticks + "\n");
                  output.Append(pci.filename + "\n");
                  output.Append(pci.fileSize + "\n");

                  Utils.WriteString(outputStream, output.ToString());

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