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// Copyright 2006 Alp Toker <alp@atoker.com>
// This software is made available under the MIT License
// See COPYING for details

using System;
//using GLib;
//using Gtk;
using NDesk.DBus;
using NDesk.GLib;
using org.freedesktop.DBus;

namespace NDesk.DBus
      //FIXME: this API needs review and de-unixification. It is horrid, but gets the job done.
      public static class BusG
            static bool initialized = false;
            public static void Init ()
                  if (initialized)

                  Init (Bus.System);
                  Init (Bus.Session);
                  //TODO: consider starter bus?

                  initialized = true;

            public static void Init (Connection conn)
                  IOFunc dispatchHandler = delegate (IOChannel source, IOCondition condition, IntPtr data) {
                        if ((condition & IOCondition.Hup) == IOCondition.Hup) {
                              if (Protocol.Verbose)
                                    Console.Error.WriteLine ("Warning: Connection was probably hung up (" + condition + ")");

                              //TODO: handle disconnection properly, consider memory management
                              return false;

                        //this may not provide expected behaviour all the time, but works for now
                        conn.Iterate ();
                        return true;

                  Init (conn, dispatchHandler);

            static void Init (Connection conn, IOFunc dispatchHandler)
                  IOChannel channel = new IOChannel ((int)conn.Transport.SocketHandle);
                  IO.AddWatch (channel, IOCondition.In | IOCondition.Hup, dispatchHandler);

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