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 * FSpot.UI.Dialog.RepairDbDialog
 * Author(s):
 *    Stephane Delcroix  <stephane@delcroix.org>
 * This is free software. See COPYING for details.

using System;
using Gtk;
using Mono.Unix;

namespace FSpot.UI.Dialog
      public class RepairDbDialog : HigMessageDialog
            public RepairDbDialog (System.Exception e, string backup_path, Window parent) : 
                        base (parent, DialogFlags.DestroyWithParent, MessageType.Error, ButtonsType.Ok, 
                        Catalog.GetString ("Error loading database."), 
                        String.Format (Catalog.GetString ("F-Spot encountered an error while loading the photo database. " +
                                    "The old database has be moved to {0} and a new database has been created."), backup_path))
                  Console.WriteLine (e);
                  Run ();
                  Destroy ();

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