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 * FSpot.IBrowsableCollection.cs
 * Author(s):
 *    Larry Ewing <lewing@novell.com>
 * This is free software. See COPYING for details.

namespace FSpot
      public delegate void IBrowsableCollectionChangedHandler (IBrowsableCollection collection);
      public delegate void IBrowsableCollectionItemsChangedHandler (IBrowsableCollection collection, BrowsableEventArgs args);

      public interface IBrowsableCollection {
            // FIXME this should really be ToArray ()
            IBrowsableItem [] Items {
            int IndexOf (IBrowsableItem item);

            IBrowsableItem this [int index] {

            int Count {

            bool Contains (IBrowsableItem item);

            // FIXME the Changed event needs to pass along information
            // about the items that actually changed if possible.  For things like
            // TrayView everything has to be redrawn when a single
            // item has been added or removed which adds too much
            // overhead.
            event IBrowsableCollectionChangedHandler Changed;
            event IBrowsableCollectionItemsChangedHandler ItemsChanged;

            void MarkChanged (int index, IBrowsableItemChanges changes);

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