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// Copyright 2006 Alp Toker <alp@atoker.com>
// This software is made available under the MIT License
// See COPYING for details

using System;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies;
using System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging;

namespace NDesk.DBus
      //marked internal because this is really an implementation detail and needs to be replaced
      internal class DProxy : RealProxy
            protected BusObject busObject;

            public DProxy (BusObject busObject, Type type) : base(type)
                  this.busObject = busObject;

            static MethodInfo mi_GetHashCode = typeof (object).GetMethod ("GetHashCode");
            static MethodInfo mi_Equals = typeof (object).GetMethod ("Equals", BindingFlags.Instance);
            static MethodInfo mi_ToString = typeof (object).GetMethod ("ToString");
            static MethodInfo mi_GetLifetimeService = typeof (MarshalByRefObject).GetMethod ("GetLifetimeService");

            object GetDefaultReturn (MethodBase mi, object[] inArgs)
                  if (mi == mi_GetHashCode)
                        return busObject.Path.Value.GetHashCode ();
                  if (mi == mi_Equals)
                        return busObject.Path.Value == ((BusObject)((MarshalByRefObject)inArgs[0]).GetLifetimeService ()).Path.Value;
                  if (mi == mi_ToString)
                        return busObject.Path.Value;
                  if (mi == mi_GetLifetimeService)
                        return busObject;

                  return null;

            public override IMessage Invoke (IMessage message)
                  IMethodCallMessage callMessage = (IMethodCallMessage) message;

                  object defaultRetVal = GetDefaultReturn (callMessage.MethodBase, callMessage.InArgs);
                  if (defaultRetVal != null) {
                        MethodReturnMessageWrapper defaultReturnMessage = new MethodReturnMessageWrapper ((IMethodReturnMessage) message);
                        defaultReturnMessage.ReturnValue = defaultRetVal;

                        return defaultReturnMessage;

                  object[] outArgs;
                  object retVal;
                  Exception exception;
                  busObject.Invoke (callMessage.MethodBase, callMessage.MethodName, callMessage.InArgs, out outArgs, out retVal, out exception);

                  MethodReturnMessageWrapper returnMessage = new MethodReturnMessageWrapper ((IMethodReturnMessage) message);
                  returnMessage.Exception = exception;
                  returnMessage.ReturnValue = retVal;

                  return returnMessage;

            public override ObjRef CreateObjRef (Type ServerType)
                  throw new System.NotImplementedException ();

            ~DProxy ()
                  //FIXME: remove handlers/match rules here
                  if (Protocol.Verbose)
                        Console.Error.WriteLine ("Warning: Finalization of " + busObject.Path + " not yet supported");

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