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// Copyright 2006 Alp Toker <alp@atoker.com>
// This software is made available under the MIT License
// See COPYING for details

using System;

namespace NDesk.DBus
      class MessageFilter
            //this should probably be made to use HeaderField or similar
            //this class is not generalized yet

            public static string MessageTypeToString (MessageType mtype)
                  switch (mtype)
                        case MessageType.MethodCall:
                              return "method_call";
                        case MessageType.MethodReturn:
                              return "method_return";
                        case MessageType.Error:
                              return "error";
                        case MessageType.Signal:
                              return "signal";
                        case MessageType.Invalid:
                              return "invalid";
                              throw new Exception ("Bad MessageType: " + mtype);

            public static MessageType StringToMessageType (string text)
                  switch (text)
                        case "method_call":
                              return MessageType.MethodCall;
                        case "method_return":
                              return MessageType.MethodReturn;
                        case "error":
                              return MessageType.Error;
                        case "signal":
                              return MessageType.Signal;
                        case "invalid":
                              return MessageType.Invalid;
                              throw new Exception ("Bad MessageType: " + text);

            //TODO: remove this -- left here for the benefit of the monitor tool for now
            public static string CreateMatchRule (MessageType mtype)
                  return "type='" + MessageTypeToString (mtype) + "'";

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