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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FlickrNet::ActivityEventSummary description for ActivityEvent
FlickrNet::ActivityItemActivity class used for Flickr.ActivityUserPhotos() and Flickr.ActivityUserComments
FlickrNet::AllContextsAll contexts that a photo is in
FlickrNet::ApiKeyRequiredExceptionException thrown is no API key is supplied
FlickrNet::ArgumentAn argument for a method
FlickrNet::ArgumentsAn instance containing a collection of Argument instances
FlickrNet::AuthSuccessful authentication returns a Auth object
FlickrNet::AuthenticationRequiredExceptionException thrown when method requires authentication but no authentication token is supplied
FlickrNet::BlogProvides details of a specific blog, as configured by the user
FlickrNet::BlogsContains a list of Blog items for the user
FlickrNet::BoundaryBoxSummary description for BoundaryBox
FlickrNet::CacheInternal Cache class
FlickrNet::CacheItemPersisterAn interface that knows how to read/write subclasses of ICacheItem. Obviously there will be a tight coupling between concrete implementations of ICacheItem and concrete implementations of ICacheItemPersister
FlickrNet::CategoryContains details of a category, including groups belonging to the category and sub categories
FlickrNet::CommentContains the details of a comment made on a photo. returned by the Flickr.PhotosCommentsGetList method
FlickrNet::ContactContains details of a contact for a particular user
FlickrNet::ContactsContains a list of Contact items for a given user
FlickrNet::ContextThe context of the current photo, as returned by Flickr.PhotosGetContext, Flickr.PhotosetsGetContext and Flickr.GroupPoolGetContext methods
FlickrNet::ContextCountTemporary class used to excapsulate the context count property
FlickrNet::ContextGroupA group context got a photo
FlickrNet::ContextPhotoThe next (or previous) photo in the current context
FlickrNet::ContextSetA set context for a photo
FlickrNet::ExifPhotoEXIF data for the selected photo
FlickrNet::ExifTagDetails of an individual EXIF tag
FlickrNet::FlickrThe main Flickr class
FlickrNet::FlickrApiExceptionException thrown when the Flickr API returned a specifi error code
FlickrNet::FlickrConfigurationManagerSummary description for FlickrConfigurationManager
FlickrNet::FlickrConfigurationSettingsConfiguration settings for the Flickr.Net API Library
FlickrNet::FlickrExceptionGeneric Flickr.Net Exception
FlickrNet::FlickrWebExceptionException thrown when a communication error occurs with a web call
FlickrNet::FoundUserContains details of a user
FlickrNet::GeoPermissionsPermissions for the selected photo
FlickrNet::GroupProvides details of a particular group
FlickrNet::GroupFullInfoProvides details of a particular group
FlickrNet::GroupSearchResultA class which encapsulates a single group search result
FlickrNet::GroupSearchResultCollectionCollection containing list of GroupSearchResult instances
FlickrNet::GroupSearchResultsReturned by Flickr.GroupsSearch(string) methods
FlickrNet::GroupThrottleInfoThrottle information about a group (i.e. posting limit)
FlickrNet::ICacheItemAn item that can be stored in a cache
Mono::Tabblo::IPreferencesInterface for a set of Tabblo user preferences
FlickrNet::LicenseDetails of a particular license available from Flickr
FlickrNet::LicensesA class which encapsulates a single property, an array of License objects in its LicenseCollection property
FlickrNet::LockFileA non-reentrant mutex that is implemented using a lock file, and thus works across processes, sessions, and machines (as long as the underlying FS provides robust r/w locking)
FlickrNet::MemberGroupInfoInformation about a group the authenticated user is a member of
FlickrNet::MethodA method supported by the Flickr API
FlickrNet::MethodErrorA possible error that a method can return
FlickrNet::MethodsSummary description for Methods
FlickrNet::PartialSearchOptionsSummary description for PartialSearchOptions
FlickrNet::PersistentCacheA threadsafe cache that is backed by disk storage
FlickrNet::PersonThe Person class contains details returned by the Flickr.PeopleGetInfo method
FlickrNet::PersonPhotosSummaryA summary of a users photos
FlickrNet::PhotoCollectionA collection of Photo instances
FlickrNet::PhotoCommentsParent object containing details of a photos comments
FlickrNet::PhotoCountInfoThe specifics of a particular count
FlickrNet::PhotoCountsThe information about the number of photos a user has
FlickrNet::PhotoDatesThe date information for a photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoEditabilityInformation about who can edit the details of a photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoNoteA class containing information about a note on a photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoNotesA class containing information about the notes for a photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoOwnerThe information about the owner of a photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoPermissionsWho has permissions to add information to this photo (comments, tag and notes)
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoTagThe details of a tag of a photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoTagsA class containing a collection of tags for the photo
FlickrNet::PhotoInfoVisibilityThe visibility of the photo
FlickrNet::PhotoLocationSummary description for PhotoLocation
FlickrNet::PhotoPermissionsPermissions for the selected photo
FlickrNet::PhotoSearchOptionsSummary description for PhotoSearchOptions
FlickrNet::PhotosetA set of properties for the photoset
FlickrNet::PhotosetsCollection containing a users photosets
FlickrNet::PictureCacheItemContains details of image held with the Flickr.Net cache
FlickrNet::PictureCacheItemPersisterPersists PictureCacheItem objects
FlickrNet::PublicGroupInfoInformation about public groups for a user
Banshee::Database::QueuedSqliteDatabaseA thread-safe wrapper for SQLite
FlickrNet::ResponseThe root object returned by Flickr. Used with Xml Serialization to get the relevant object. It is internal to the FlickrNet API Library and should not be used elsewhere
FlickrNet::ResponseCacheItemA cache item containing details of a REST response from Flickr
FlickrNet::ResponseErrorIf an error occurs then Flickr returns this object
FlickrNet::ResponseXmlExceptionException thrown when an error parsing the returned XML
FlickrNet::SafeNativeMethodsSummary description for SafeNativeMethods
FlickrNet::SignatureRequiredExceptionThrown when a method requires a valid signature but no shared secret has been supplied
FlickrNet::SizeContains details about all the sizes available for a given photograph
FlickrNet::SizesCollection of Size items for a given photograph
FlickrNet::SubCategoryHolds details of a sub category, including its id, name and the number of groups in it
FlickrNet::TagA simple tag class, containing a tag name and optional count (for Flickr.TagsGetListUserPopular())
FlickrNet::UploaderInformation returned by the UploadPicture url
FlickrNet::UploadProgressEventArgsEvent arguments for a Flickr.OnUploadProgress event
FlickrNet::UserStatusThe upload status of the user, as returned by Flickr.PeopleGetUploadStatus
FlickrNet::UtilsInternal class providing certain utility functions to other classes

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