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FlickrNet::PhotoInfo Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Detailed information returned by Flickr.PhotosGetInfo(string) or Flickr.PhotosGetInfo(string, string) methods.

Definition at line 11 of file PhotoInfo.cs.

Public Attributes

PhotoDates Dates
 The dates (uploaded and taken dates) for the photo.
string dateuploaded_raw
 The raw value for when the photo was uploaded.
PhotoInfoEditability Editability
 The editability of the photo.
ExifTag[] ExifTagCollection
 The EXIF tags for the photo.
int IsFavourite
 Is the photo a favourite of the current authorised user. Will be 0 if the user is not authorised.
int License
 The license of the photo.
PhotoLocation Location
 The location information of this photo, if available.
PhotoInfoNotes Notes
 The notes for the photo.
PhotoInfoOwner Owner
 The owner of the photo.
PhotoInfoPermissions Permissions
 The permissions of the photo.
PhotoInfoVisibility Visibility
 The visibility of the photo.


int CommentsCount [get, set]
 The number of comments the photo has.
DateTime DateUploaded [get]
 The date the photo was uploaded (or 'posted').
string Description [get, set]
 The description of the photo.
string Farm [get, set]
 The server farm on which the photo resides.
string OriginalFormat [get, set]
 The original format of the image (e.g. jpg, png etc).
string OriginalSecret [get, set]
 Optional extra field containing the original 'secret' of the photo used for forming the Url.
string PhotoId [get, set]
 The id of the photo.
string Secret [get, set]
 The secret of the photo. Used to calculate the URL (amongst other things).
string Server [get, set]
 The server on which the photo resides.
PhotoInfoTags Tags [get, set]
 The tags for the photo.
string Title [get, set]
 The title of the photo.
int ViewCount [get, set]
 The number of views the photo has.

Private Attributes

int _comments
string _description
string _farm
string _originalFormat
string _originalSecret
string _photoId
string _secret
string _server
PhotoInfoTags _tags = new PhotoInfoTags()
string _title
int _views

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