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FlickrNet::UserStatus Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The upload status of the user, as returned by Flickr.PeopleGetUploadStatus.

Definition at line 54 of file User.cs.


long BandwidthMax [get]
 The maximum bandwidth (in bytes) that the user can use each month.
long BandwidthUsed [get]
 The number of bytes of the current months bandwidth that the user has used.
long FilesizeMax [get]
 The maximum filesize (in bytes) that the user is allowed to upload.
bool IsPro [get]
 Is the current user a Pro account.
Double PercentageUsed [get]
 Double representing the percentage bandwidth used so far. Will range from 0 to 1.
string UserId [get]
 The id of the user object.
string UserName [get]
 The Username of the selected user.

Private Member Functions

internal UserStatus (XmlNode node)

Private Attributes

long _bandwidthMax
long _bandwidthUsed
long _filesizeMax
bool _isPro
string _userId
string _username

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