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// Fspot.Loaders.ImageLoader.cs
// Copyright (c) 2009 Novell, Inc.
// Author(s)
//    Stephane Delcroix  <sdelcroix@novell.com>
//    Ruben Vermeersch  <ruben@savanne.be>
// This is free software. See COPYING for details

using FSpot.Utils;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Gdk;

namespace FSpot.Loaders {
      public static class ImageLoader {
            static Dictionary<string, System.Type> name_table;

            static ImageLoader ()
                  name_table = new Dictionary<string, System.Type> ();
                  System.Type gdk_loader = typeof (GdkImageLoader);
                  foreach (string key in ImageFile.NameTable.Keys) {
                        name_table [key] = gdk_loader;

                  //as xcf pixbufloader is not part of gdk-pixbuf, check if it's there,
                  //and enable it if needed.
                  foreach (Gdk.PixbufFormat format in Gdk.Pixbuf.Formats)
                        if (format.Name == "xcf") {
                              if (format.IsDisabled)
                                    format.SetDisabled (false);
                              name_table [".xcf"] = typeof (GdkImageLoader);

            public static IImageLoader Create (Uri uri)
                  string path = uri.AbsolutePath;
                  string extension = System.IO.Path.GetExtension (path).ToLower ();
                  System.Type t;
                  IImageLoader loader;

                  if (!name_table.TryGetValue (extension, out t)) {
                        GLib.FileInfo info = GLib.FileFactory.NewForUri (uri).QueryInfo ("standard::type,standard::content-type", GLib.FileQueryInfoFlags.None, null);
                        if (!name_table.TryGetValue (info.ContentType, out t))
                              throw new Exception ("Loader requested for unknown file type: "+extension);

                  loader = (IImageLoader) System.Activator.CreateInstance (t);

                  return loader;

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