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Mono::Facebook::Schemas::user Class Reference

Inherited by Mono::Facebook::User.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2417 of file facebook.cs.

Public Attributes

string about_me
string activities
userAffiliations affiliations
bool are_friends
bool are_friendsSpecified
string birthday
string birthday_date
string books
bool can_see_profile
bool can_see_profileSpecified
location current_location
userEducation_history education_history
userEmail_hashes email_hashes
userFamily family
string first_name
bool has_added_app
bool has_added_appSpecified
location hometown_location
hs_info hs_info
string interests
bool is_app_user
bool is_app_userSpecified
bool is_blocked
bool is_blockedSpecified
string last_name
string locale
userMeeting_for meeting_for
userMeeting_sex meeting_sex
string movies
string music
string name
int notes_count
bool notes_countSpecified
string online_presence
string pic
string pic_big
string pic_big_with_logo
string pic_large
string pic_small
string pic_small_with_logo
string pic_square
string pic_square_with_logo
string pic_with_logo
string political
long profile_update_time
bool profile_update_timeSpecified
string profile_url
string proxied_email
string quotes
string relationship_status
string religion
string sex
long significant_other_id
bool significant_other_idSpecified
user_status status
System.Decimal timezone
bool timezoneSpecified
string tv
long uid
bool uidSpecified
string username
int wall_count
bool wall_countSpecified
string website
userWork_history work_history

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