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uint TagLib::Riff::List::GetValueAsUInt ( ByteVector  id  )  [inline]

Gets the value for a specified item in the current instance as a uint.

id A ByteVector object containing the ID of the item to set.
A uint value containing the first value with the specified ID that could be converted to an integer, or zero if none could be found.
ArgumentNullException id is .
ArgumentException id isn't exactly four bytes long.

Definition at line 339 of file List.cs.

                  if (id == null)
                        throw new ArgumentNullException ("id");
                  if (id.Count != 4)
                        throw new ArgumentException (
                              "ID must be 4 bytes long.", "id");
                  foreach (string text in GetValuesAsStrings (id)) {
                        uint value;
                        if (uint.TryParse (text, out value))
                              return value;
                  return 0;

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