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TagLib::Ogg::Codec Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for TagLib::Ogg::Codec:

TagLib::ICodec TagLib::Ogg::Codecs::Theora TagLib::Ogg::Codecs::Vorbis

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Detailed Description

This abstract class implements ICodec to provide support for processing packets from an Ogg logical bitstream.

Unsupported Ogg codecs can be added by creating child classes and registering them using AddCodecProvider.

See also:
CodecProvider, AddCodecProvider

Definition at line 39 of file Codec.cs.

Public Member Functions

delegate Codec CodecProvider (ByteVector packet)
 Represents a method capable of checking an Ogg header packet to see it is matches a given codec.
abstract TimeSpan GetDuration (long firstGranularPosition, long lastGranularPosition)
 Computes the duration of the stream using the first and last granular positions of the stream.
abstract bool ReadPacket (ByteVector packet, int index)
 Reads a Ogg packet that has been encountered in the stream.
abstract void SetCommentPacket (ByteVectorCollection packets, XiphComment comment)
 Replaces the comment packet in a collection of packets with the rendered version of a Xiph comment or inserts a comment packet if the stream lacks one.

Static Public Member Functions

static void AddCodecProvider (CodecProvider provider)
 Adds a codec.
static Codec GetCodec (ByteVector packet)
 Determines the correct codec to use for a stream header packet.


abstract ByteVector CommentData [get]
 Gets the raw Xiph comment data contained in the codec.
abstract string Description [get]
 Gets a text description of the media represented by the current instance.
TimeSpan Duration [get]
 Gets the duration of the media represented by the current instance.
abstract MediaTypes MediaTypes [get]
 Gets the types of media represented by the current instance.

Static Private Attributes

static List< CodecProvider > providers
 Contains registered codec providers.

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