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void TagLib::Asf::File::Read ( ReadStyle  propertiesStyle  )  [inline, private]

Reads the contents of the current instance.

propertiesStyle A ReadStyle value specifying at what level of accuracy to read the media properties, or ReadStyle.None to ignore the properties.

Definition at line 408 of file File.cs.

References TagLib::Asf::HeaderObject::HasContentDescriptors, TagLib::File::InvariantEndPosition, TagLib::File::InvariantStartPosition, TagLib::File::Length, TagLib::File::Mode, TagLib::Asf::Object::OriginalSize, TagLib::Asf::HeaderObject::Properties, and TagLib::File::TagTypesOnDisk.

                  Mode = AccessMode.Read;
                  try {
                        HeaderObject header = new HeaderObject (this, 0);
                        if (header.HasContentDescriptors)
                              TagTypesOnDisk |= TagTypes.Asf;
                        asf_tag = new Asf.Tag (header);
                        InvariantStartPosition = (long) header.OriginalSize;
                        InvariantEndPosition = Length;
                        if (propertiesStyle != ReadStyle.None)
                              properties = header.Properties;
                  } finally {
                        Mode = AccessMode.Closed;

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