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TagLib::Asf::HeaderObject Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class extends Object to provide a representation of an ASF Header object which can be read from and written to disk.

Definition at line 34 of file HeaderObject.cs.

Public Member Functions

void AddObject (Object obj)
 Adds a child object to the current instance.
void AddUniqueObject (Object obj)
 Adds a child unique child object to the current instance, replacing and existing child if present.
 HeaderObject (Asf.File file, long position)
 Constructs and initializes a new instance of HeaderObject by reading the contents from a specified position in a specified file.
void RemoveContentDescriptors ()
 Removes the content description objects from the current instance.
override ByteVector Render ()
 Renders the current instance as a raw ASF object.

Static Public Member Functions

static ByteVector RenderDWord (uint value)
 Renders a 4-byte DWORD.
static ByteVector RenderQWord (ulong value)
 Renders a 8-byte QWORD.
static ByteVector RenderUnicode (string value)
 Renders a Unicode (wide) string.
static ByteVector RenderWord (ushort value)
 Renders a 2-byte WORD.

Protected Member Functions

ByteVector Render (ByteVector data)
 Renders the current instance as a raw ASF object containing specified data.


IEnumerable< ObjectChildren [get]
 Gets the child objects contained in the current instance.
HeaderExtensionObject Extension [get]
 Gets the header extension object contained in the current instance.
System.Guid Guid [get]
 Gets the GUID for the current instance.
bool HasContentDescriptors [get]
 Gets whether or not the current instance contains either type of content descriptiors.
ulong OriginalSize [get]
 Gets the original size of the current instance.
Properties Properties [get]
 Gets the media properties contained within the current instance.

Private Attributes

List< Objectchildren
 Contains the child objects.
ByteVector reserved
 Contains the reserved header data.

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