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TagLib::Asf::MetadataLibraryObject Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class extends Object to provide a representation of an ASF Metadata Library object which can be read from and written to disk.

Definition at line 34 of file MetadataLibraryObject.cs.

Public Member Functions

void AddRecord (DescriptionRecord record)
 Adds a record to the current instance.
IEnumerator< DescriptionRecordGetEnumerator ()
 Gets an enumerator for enumerating through the description records.
IEnumerable< DescriptionRecordGetRecords (ushort languageListIndex, ushort streamNumber, params string[] names)
 Gets all records with a given language, stream, and any of a collection of names from the current instance.
 MetadataLibraryObject ()
 Constructs and initializes a new instance of MetadataLibraryObject with no contents.
 MetadataLibraryObject (Asf.File file, long position)
 Constructs and initializes a new instance of MetadataLibraryObject by reading the contents from a specified position in a specified file.
void RemoveRecords (ushort languageListIndex, ushort streamNumber, string name)
 Removes all records with a given language, stream, and name from the current instance.
override ByteVector Render ()
 Renders the current instance as a raw ASF object.
void SetRecords (ushort languageListIndex, ushort streamNumber, string name, params DescriptionRecord[] records)
 Sets the a collection of records for a given language, stream, and name, removing the existing matching records.

Static Public Member Functions

static ByteVector RenderDWord (uint value)
 Renders a 4-byte DWORD.
static ByteVector RenderQWord (ulong value)
 Renders a 8-byte QWORD.
static ByteVector RenderUnicode (string value)
 Renders a Unicode (wide) string.
static ByteVector RenderWord (ushort value)
 Renders a 2-byte WORD.

Protected Member Functions

ByteVector Render (ByteVector data)
 Renders the current instance as a raw ASF object containing specified data.


System.Guid Guid [get]
 Gets the GUID for the current instance.
bool IsEmpty [get]
 Gets whether or not the current instance is empty.
ulong OriginalSize [get]
 Gets the original size of the current instance.

Private Member Functions

GetEnumerator ()

Private Attributes

List< DescriptionRecordrecords
 Contains the description records.

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