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void TagLib::ByteVector::Insert ( int  index,
ByteVector  data 
) [inline, inherited]

Inserts the contents of another ByteVector object into the current instance.

index A int value specifying the index at which to insert the data.
data A ByteVector object containing data to insert into the current instance.
NotSupportedException The current instance is read-only.

Definition at line 986 of file ByteVector.cs.

References TagLib::ByteVector::IsReadOnly.

Referenced by TagLib::Mpeg4::Box::Render(), TagLib::IFD::Entries::StripOffsetsIFDEntry::Render(), TagLib::IFD::Entries::MakernoteIFDEntry::Render(), TagLib::Id3v2::Frame::Render(), TagLib::Asf::HeaderObject::Render(), TagLib::Asf::HeaderExtensionObject::Render(), TagLib::Ape::Tag::Render(), TagLib::Riff::List< TagLib::ICodec >::RenderEnclosed(), TagLib::Id3v2::PopularimeterFrame::RenderFields(), and TagLib::Id3v2::SynchData::UnsynchByteVector().

                  if (IsReadOnly)
                        throw new NotSupportedException (
                              "Cannot edit readonly objects.");
                  if (data != null)
                        this.data.InsertRange (index, data);

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