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override ByteVector TagLib::IFD::Entries::RationalArrayIFDEntry::Render ( bool  is_bigendian,
uint  offset,
out ushort  type,
out uint  count 
) [inline]

Renders the current instance to a ByteVector.

is_bigendian A System.Boolean indicating the endianess for rendering.
offset A System.UInt32 with the offset, the data is stored.
type A System.UInt16 the ID of the type, which is rendered
count A System.UInt32 with the count of the values which are rendered.
A ByteVector with the rendered data.

Definition at line 75 of file RationalArrayIFDEntry.cs.

References TagLib::ByteVector::Add(), and TagLib::IFD::Entries::Rational::Rational().

                  type = (ushort) IFDEntryType.Rational;
                  count = (uint) Values.Length;

                  ByteVector data = new ByteVector ();
                  foreach (Rational rational in Values) {
                        data.Add (ByteVector.FromUInt (rational.Numerator, is_bigendian));
                        data.Add (ByteVector.FromUInt (rational.Denominator, is_bigendian));

                  return data;

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