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TagLib::IFD::Entries::StripOffsetsIFDEntry::StripOffsetsIFDEntry ( ushort  tag,
uint[]  values,
uint[]  byte_counts,
File  file 
) [inline]


tag A System.UInt16 with the tag ID of the entry this instance represents
values A System.UInt32[] with the strip offsets.
byte_counts The length of the strips.
file The file from which the strips will be read.

Definition at line 68 of file StripOffsetsIFDEntry.cs.

                                                                                                   : base (tag)
                  Values = values;
                  this.byte_counts = byte_counts;
                  this.file = file;

                  if (values.Length != byte_counts.Length)
                        throw new Exception ("strip offsets and strip byte counts do not have the same length");

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