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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.IO;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Xml;
using System.Collections.Specialized;
using Hyena;

namespace SmugMugNet
      public class SmugMugProxy
            // FIXME: this getting should be done over https
            private const string GET_URL = "https://api.SmugMug.com/hack/rest/";
            private const string POST_URL = "https://upload.SmugMug.com/hack/rest/";
            // key from massis
            private const string APIKEY = "umtr0zB2wzwTZDhF2BySidg0hY0le3K6";
            private const string VERSION = "1.1.1";

            // rest methods
            private const string LOGIN_WITHPASS_METHOD = "smugmug.login.withPassword";
            private const string LOGIN_WITHHASH_METHOD = "smugmug.login.withHash";
            private const string LOGOUT_METHOD = "smugmug.logout";
            private const string ALBUMS_CREATE_METHOD = "smugmug.albums.create";
            private const string ALBUMS_GET_URLS_METHOD = "smugmug.images.getURLs";
            private const string ALBUMS_GET_METHOD = "smugmug.albums.get";
            private const string CATEGORIES_GET_METHOD = "smugmug.categories.get";

            // parameter constants
            private const string EMAIL = "EmailAddress";
            private const string PASSWORD = "Password";
            private const string USER_ID = "UserID";
            private const string PASSWORD_HASH = "PasswordHash";
            private const string SESSION_ID = "SessionID";
            private const string CATEGORY_ID = "CategoryID";
            private const string IMAGE_ID = "ImageID";
            private const string TITLE = "Title";
            private const string ID = "id";

            public static Credentials LoginWithPassword (string username, string password)
                  string url = FormatGetUrl (LOGIN_WITHPASS_METHOD, new SmugMugParam (EMAIL, username), new SmugMugParam (PASSWORD, password));
                  XmlDocument doc = GetResponseXml (url);

                  string sessionId = doc.SelectSingleNode ("/rsp/Login/SessionID").InnerText;
                  int userId = int.Parse (doc.SelectSingleNode ("/rsp/Login/UserID").InnerText);
                  string passwordHash = doc.SelectSingleNode ("/rsp/Login/PasswordHash").InnerText;

                  return new Credentials (sessionId, userId, passwordHash);

            public static string LoginWithHash (int user_id, string password_hash)
                  string url = FormatGetUrl (LOGIN_WITHHASH_METHOD, new SmugMugParam (USER_ID, user_id), new SmugMugParam (PASSWORD_HASH, password_hash));
                  XmlDocument doc = GetResponseXml(url);

                  return doc.SelectSingleNode ("/rsp/Login/SessionID").InnerText;

            public static void Logout (string session_id)
                  string url = FormatGetUrl (LOGOUT_METHOD, new SmugMugParam (SESSION_ID, session_id));
                  GetResponseXml (url);

            public static Album[] GetAlbums (string session_id)
                  string url = FormatGetUrl (ALBUMS_GET_METHOD, new SmugMugParam(SESSION_ID, session_id));
                  XmlDocument doc = GetResponseXml (url);
                  XmlNodeList albumNodes = doc.SelectNodes ("/rsp/Albums/Album");

                  Album[] albums = new Album[albumNodes.Count];

                  for (int i = 0; i < albumNodes.Count; i++)
                        XmlNode current = albumNodes[i];
                        albums[i] = new Album (current.SelectSingleNode (TITLE).InnerText, int.Parse (current.Attributes[ID].Value));
                  return albums;

            public static Uri GetAlbumUrl (int image_id, string session_id)
                  string url = FormatGetUrl(ALBUMS_GET_URLS_METHOD, new SmugMugParam(IMAGE_ID, image_id), new SmugMugParam(SESSION_ID, session_id));
                  XmlDocument doc = GetResponseXml(url);

                  string album_url = doc.SelectSingleNode("/rsp/ImageURLs/Image/AlbumURL").InnerText;

                  return new Uri(album_url);

            public static Category[] GetCategories (string session_id)
                  string url = FormatGetUrl(CATEGORIES_GET_METHOD, new SmugMugParam (SESSION_ID, session_id));
                  XmlDocument doc = GetResponseXml (url);

                  XmlNodeList categoryNodes = doc.SelectNodes ("/rsp/Categories/Category");
                  Category[] categories = new Category[categoryNodes.Count];

                  for (int i = 0; i < categoryNodes.Count; i++)
                        XmlNode current = categoryNodes[i];
                        categories[i] = new Category (current.SelectSingleNode (TITLE).InnerText, int.Parse (current.Attributes[ID].Value));
                  return categories;

            public static Album CreateAlbum (string title, int category_id, string session_id)
                  return CreateAlbum (title, category_id, session_id, true);

            public static Album CreateAlbum (string title, int category_id, string session_id, bool is_public)
                  int public_int = is_public ? 1 : 0;
                  string url = FormatGetUrl (ALBUMS_CREATE_METHOD, new SmugMugParam (TITLE, title), new SmugMugParam (CATEGORY_ID, category_id), new SmugMugParam (SESSION_ID, session_id), new SmugMugParam ("Public", public_int));
                  XmlDocument doc = GetResponseXml (url);

                  int id = int.Parse(doc.SelectSingleNode("/rsp/Create/Album").Attributes[ID].Value);

                  return new Album(title, id);

            public static int Upload (string path, int album_id, string session_id)
                  FileInfo file = new FileInfo(path);

                  if (!file.Exists)
                        throw new ArgumentException("Image does not exist: " + file.FullName);

                        WebClient client = new WebClient ();
                        client.BaseAddress = "http://upload.smugmug.com";
                        client.Headers.Add ("Cookie:SMSESS=" + session_id);

                        NameValueCollection queryStringCollection = new NameValueCollection ();
                        queryStringCollection.Add ("AlbumID", album_id.ToString());
                        // Temporarily disabled because rest doesn't seem to return the ImageID anymore
                        // queryStringCollection.Add ("ResponseType", "REST");
                        // luckily JSON still holds it
                        queryStringCollection.Add ("ResponseType", "JSON");
                        client.QueryString = queryStringCollection;

                        byte[] responseArray = client.UploadFile ("http://upload.smugmug.com/photos/xmladd.mg", "POST", file.FullName);
                        string response = Encoding.ASCII.GetString (responseArray);

                        // JSon approach
                        Regex id_regex = new Regex ("\\\"id\\\":( )?(?<image_id>\\d+),");
                        Match m  = id_regex.Match (response);

                        int id = -1;

                        if (m.Success)
                              id = int.Parse (m.Groups["image_id"].Value);

                        return id;

                        // REST approach, disabled for now
                        //XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument ();
                        //doc.LoadXml (response);
                        // return int.Parse (doc.SelectSingleNode ("/rsp/ImageID").InnerText);

                  catch (Exception ex)
                        throw new SmugMugUploadException ("Error uploading image: " + file.FullName, ex.InnerException);

            private static string FormatGetUrl(string method_name, params SmugMugParam[] parameters)
                  StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder (string.Format ("{0}{1}/?method={2}", GET_URL, VERSION, method_name));

                  foreach (SmugMugParam param in parameters)
                        builder.Append (param.ToString ());

                  builder.Append (new SmugMugParam ("APIKey", APIKEY));
                  return builder.ToString();

            private static XmlDocument GetResponseXml (string url)
                  HttpWebRequest request = HttpWebRequest.Create (url) as HttpWebRequest;
                  request.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
                  WebResponse response = request.GetResponse ();

                  XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument ();
                  doc.LoadXml (new StreamReader (response.GetResponseStream ()).ReadToEnd ());
                  CheckResponseXml (doc);

                  response.Close ();
                  return doc;

            private static void CheckResponseXml (XmlDocument doc)
                  if (doc.SelectSingleNode("/rsp").Attributes["stat"].Value == "ok")

                  string message = doc.SelectSingleNode ("/rsp/err").Attributes["msg"].Value;
                  throw new SmugMugException (message);

            private class SmugMugParam
                  string name;
                  object value;

                  public SmugMugParam (string name, object value)
                        this.name = name;
                        this.value = (value is String ? System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode ((string)value) : value);

                  public string Name
                        get {return name;}

                  public object Value
                        get {return value;}

                  public override string ToString()
                        return string.Format("&{0}={1}", Name, Value);

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