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TagLib::IFD::IFDRenderer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class contains all the IFD rendering code.

Definition at line 35 of file IFDRenderer.cs.

Public Member Functions

 IFDRenderer (bool is_bigendian, IFDStructure structure, uint ifd_offset)
 Constructor. Will render the given IFD structure.
ByteVector Render ()
 Renders the current instance to a ByteVector.

Protected Member Functions

virtual IFDRenderer CreateSubRenderer (bool is_bigendian, IFDStructure structure, uint ifd_offset)
 Constructs a new IFD Renderer used to render a SubIFDEntry.
void RenderEntry (ByteVector entry_data, ushort tag, ushort type, uint count, uint offset)
 Adds the data of a single entry to entry_data .
virtual void RenderEntryData (IFDEntry entry, ByteVector entry_data, ByteVector offset_data, uint data_offset)
 Renders a complete entry together with the data. The entry itself is stored in entry_data and the data of the entry is stored in offset_data if it cannot be stored in the offset. This method is called for every IFDEntry of this IFD and can be overwritten in subclasses to provide special behavior.

Private Member Functions

ByteVector RenderIFD (IFDDirectory directory, uint ifd_offset, bool last)
 Renders the IFD to an ByteVector where the offset of the IFD itself is ifd_offset and all offsets contained in the IFD are adjusted accroding it.

Private Attributes

readonly uint ifd_offset
 A System.UInt32 value with the offset of the current IFD. All offsets inside the IFD must be adjusted according to this given offset.
readonly bool is_bigendian
 If IFD should be encoded in BigEndian or not.
readonly IFDStructure structure
 The IFD structure that will be rendered.

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