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string TagLib::Xmp::XmpTag::Render (  )  [inline]

Renders the current instance to an XMP System.String.

A System.String with the XMP structure.

Definition at line 991 of file XmpTag.cs.

Referenced by TagLib::Gif::File::RenderXMPBlock(), TagLib::Png::File::RenderXMPChunk(), TagLib::Jpeg::File::RenderXMPSegment(), and TagLib::Tiff::File::UpdateTags().

                  XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument (NameTable);
                  var meta = CreateNode (doc, "xmpmeta", ADOBE_X_NS);
                  var rdf = CreateNode (doc, "RDF", RDF_NS);
                  var description = CreateNode (doc, "Description", RDF_NS);
                  NodeTree.RenderInto (description);
                  doc.AppendChild (meta);
                  meta.AppendChild (rdf);
                  rdf.AppendChild (description);
                  return doc.OuterXml;

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