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TagLib::Id3v2::Frame Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for TagLib::Id3v2::Frame:

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Detailed Description

This abstract class provides a basic framework for representing ID3v2.4 frames.

Definition at line 35 of file Frame.cs.

Public Member Functions

virtual Frame Clone ()
 Creates a deep copy of the current instance.
virtual ByteVector Render (byte version)
 Renders the current instance, encoded in a specified ID3v2 version.

Static Public Member Functions

static ByteVector TextDelimiter (StringType type)
 Gets the text delimiter for a specified encoding.

Protected Member Functions

ByteVector FieldData (ByteVector frameData, int offset, byte version)
 Extracts the field data from the raw data portion of an ID3v2 frame.
 Frame (FrameHeader header)
 Constructs and initializes a new instance of Frame with a specified header.
 Frame (ByteVector data, byte version)
 Constructs and initializes a new instance of Frame by reading the raw header encoded in the specified ID3v2 version.
abstract void ParseFields (ByteVector data, byte version)
 Populates the values in the current instance by parsing its field data in a specified version.
abstract ByteVector RenderFields (byte version)
 Renders the values in the current instance into field data for a specified version.
void SetData (ByteVector data, int offset, byte version, bool readHeader)
 Populates the current instance by reading the raw frame from disk, optionally reading the header.

Static Protected Member Functions

static StringType CorrectEncoding (StringType type, byte version)
 Converts an encoding to be a supported encoding for a specified tag version.


short EncryptionId [get, set]
 Gets and sets the encryption ID applied to the current instance.
FrameFlags Flags [get, set]
 Gets and sets the frame flags applied to the current instance.
ReadOnlyByteVector FrameId [get]
 Gets the frame ID for the current instance.
short GroupId [get, set]
 Gets and sets the grouping ID applied to the current instance.
uint Size [get]
 Gets the size of the current instance as it was last stored on disk.

Private Member Functions

object ICloneable. Clone ()

Private Attributes

byte encryption_id
 Contains the frame's encryption ID.
byte group_id
 Contains the frame's grouping ID.
FrameHeader header
 Contains the frame's header.

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