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TagLib::Id3v2::FrameHeader Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

This structure provides a representation of an ID3v2 frame header which can be read from and written to disk.

Definition at line 93 of file FrameHeader.cs.

Public Member Functions

 FrameHeader (ByteVector data, byte version)
 Constructs and initializes a new instance of FrameHeader by reading it from raw header data of a specified version.
ByteVector Render (byte version)
 Renders the current instance, encoded in a specified ID3v2 version.

Static Public Member Functions

static uint Size (byte version)
 Gets the size of a header for a specified ID3v2 version.


FrameFlags Flags [get, set]
 Gets and sets the flags applied to the current instance.
ReadOnlyByteVector FrameId [get, set]
 Gets and sets the identifier of the frame described by the current instance.
uint FrameSize [get, set]
 Gets and sets the size of the frame described by the current instance, minus the header.

Static Private Member Functions

static ReadOnlyByteVector ConvertId (ByteVector id, byte version, bool toVersion)

Private Attributes

FrameFlags flags
 Contains frame's flags.
ReadOnlyByteVector frame_id
 Contains frame's ID.
uint frame_size
 Contains frame's size.

Static Private Attributes

static readonly
static readonly

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