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System::Web::HttpUtility Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static void HtmlAttributeEncode (string s, TextWriter output)
static string HtmlAttributeEncode (string s)
static string HtmlDecode (string s)
 Decodes an HTML-encoded string and returns the decoded string.
static void HtmlDecode (string s, TextWriter output)
 Decodes an HTML-encoded string and sends the resulting output to a TextWriter output stream.
static string HtmlEncode (string s)
 HTML-encodes a string and returns the encoded string.
static void HtmlEncode (string s, TextWriter output)
 HTML-encodes a string and sends the resulting output to a TextWriter output stream.
static string UrlDecode (string s, Encoding e)
static string UrlDecode (byte[] bytes, Encoding e)
static string UrlDecode (string str)
static string UrlDecode (byte[] bytes, int offset, int count, Encoding e)
static byte[] UrlDecodeToBytes (string str)
static byte[] UrlDecodeToBytes (string str, Encoding e)
static byte[] UrlDecodeToBytes (byte[] bytes, int offset, int count)
static byte[] UrlDecodeToBytes (byte[] bytes)
static string UrlEncode (string str)
static string UrlEncode (string s, Encoding Enc)
static string UrlEncode (byte[] bytes)
static string UrlEncode (byte[] bytes, int offset, int count)
static byte[] UrlEncodeToBytes (byte[] bytes)
static byte[] UrlEncodeToBytes (string str)
static byte[] UrlEncodeToBytes (string str, Encoding e)
static byte[] UrlEncodeToBytes (byte[] bytes, int offset, int count)
static string UrlEncodeUnicode (string str)
static byte[] UrlEncodeUnicodeToBytes (string str)


static Hashtable Entities [get]

Static Private Member Functions

static int GetChar (byte[] bytes, int offset, int length)
static int GetChar (string str, int offset, int length)
static char[] GetChars (MemoryStream b, Encoding e)
static int GetInt (byte b)
static void InitEntities ()
static bool NotEncoded (char c)
static internal void ParseQueryString (string query, Encoding encoding, NameValueCollection result)
static void UrlEncodeChar (char c, Stream result, bool isUnicode)
static void WriteCharBytes (IList buf, char ch, Encoding e)

Static Private Attributes

static Hashtable entities
static char[] hexChars = "0123456789abcdef".ToCharArray ()
static object lock_ = new object ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file HttpUtility.cs.

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