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void TagLib::ByteVector::Insert ( int  index,
ByteVector  data 
) [inline, inherited]

Inserts the contents of another ByteVector object into the current instance.

indexA int value specifying the index at which to insert the data.
dataA ByteVector object containing data to insert into the current instance.
NotSupportedExceptionThe current instance is read-only.

Definition at line 986 of file ByteVector.cs.

References TagLib::ByteVector::IsReadOnly.

Referenced by TagLib::IFD::Entries::StripOffsetsIFDEntry::Render(), TagLib::IFD::Entries::MakernoteIFDEntry::Render(), TagLib::Id3v2::Frame::Render(), TagLib::Riff::List::RenderEnclosed(), TagLib::Id3v2::PopularimeterFrame::RenderFields(), and TagLib::Id3v2::SynchData::UnsynchByteVector().

                  if (IsReadOnly)
                        throw new NotSupportedException (
                              "Cannot edit readonly objects.");
                  if (data != null)
                        this.data.InsertRange (index, data);

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