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ByteVector TagLib::IFD::Entries::ThumbnailDataIFDEntry::Render ( bool  is_bigendian,
uint  offset,
out ushort  type,
out uint  count 
) [inline]

Renders the current instance to a ByteVector

is_bigendianA System.Boolean indicating the endianess for rendering.
offsetA System.UInt32 with the offset, the data is stored.
typeA System.UInt16 the ID of the type, which is rendered
countA System.UInt32 with the count of the values which are rendered.
A ByteVector with the rendered data.

Implements TagLib::IFD::IFDEntry.

Definition at line 93 of file ThumbnailDataIFDEntry.cs.

                  // the entry is a single long entry where the value is an offset to the data
                  // the offset is automatically updated by the renderer.
                  type = (ushort) IFDEntryType.Long;
                  count = 1;

                  return Data;

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