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override void TagLib::Id3v2::PrivateFrame::ParseFields ( ByteVector  data,
byte  version 
) [inline, protected, virtual]

Populates the values in the current instance by parsing its field data in a specified version.

dataA ByteVector object containing the extracted field data.
versionA byte indicating the ID3v2 version the field data is encoded in.

Implements TagLib::Id3v2::Frame.

Definition at line 362 of file PrivateFrame.cs.

References TagLib::ListBase< T >::Count, TagLib::ByteVector::Count, TagLib::ByteVectorCollection::Split(), TagLib::ByteVector::TextDelimiter(), and TagLib::ListBase< T >::ToString().

                  if (data.Count < 1)
                        throw new CorruptFileException (
                              "A private frame must contain at least 1 byte.");
                  ByteVectorCollection l = ByteVectorCollection.Split (
                        ByteVector.TextDelimiter (StringType.Latin1),
                        1, 2);
                  if (l.Count == 2) {
                        this.owner = l [0].ToString (StringType.Latin1);
                        this.data  = l [1];

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