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Hyena::Gui::PangoCairoHelper Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static void ContextSetResolution (Pango.Context context, double dpi)
static Pango.Layout CreateLayout (Cairo.Context cr)
static Pango.Context LayoutGetContext (Pango.Layout layout)
static void LayoutPath (Cairo.Context cr, Pango.Layout layout, bool iUnderstandThePerformanceImplications)
static void ShowLayout (Cairo.Context cr, Pango.Layout layout)

Private Member Functions

static void pango_cairo_context_set_resolution (IntPtr pango_context, double dpi)
static IntPtr pango_cairo_create_layout (IntPtr cr)
static void pango_cairo_layout_path (IntPtr cr, IntPtr layout)
static void pango_cairo_show_layout (IntPtr cr, IntPtr layout)
static IntPtr pango_layout_get_context (IntPtr layout)

Detailed Description

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