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Hyena::Data::Gui::ColumnHeaderCellText Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Hyena::Data::Gui::ColumnHeaderCellText:
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Collaboration diagram for Hyena::Data::Gui::ColumnHeaderCellText:
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Public Member Functions

override void Arrange ()
virtual void Bind (object o)
virtual bool ButtonEvent (Point press, bool pressed, uint button)
 ColumnHeaderCellText (DataHandler data_handler)
virtual bool CursorEnterEvent ()
virtual bool CursorLeaveEvent ()
virtual bool CursorMotionEvent (Point cursor)
new delegate Column DataHandler ()
override Atk.Object GetAccessible (ICellAccessibleParent parent)
override string GetTextAlternative (object obj)
string GetTooltipMarkup (CellContext cellContext, double columnWidth)
virtual bool GetTooltipMarkupAt (Point pt, out string markup, out Rect area)
void GetWidthRange (Pango.Layout layout, out int min, out int max)
void Invalidate (Rect area)
void Invalidate ()
void InvalidateArrange ()
void InvalidateMeasure ()
void InvalidateRender ()
virtual Size Measure (Size available)
virtual Gdk.Size Measure (Widget widget)
virtual void NotifyThemeChange ()
override void Render (CellContext context, double cellWidth, double cellHeight)
void Render (Hyena.Data.Gui.CellContext context)
virtual void Render (CellContext context, Gtk.StateType state, double cellWidth, double cellHeight)
void SetMinMaxStrings (object min_max)
void SetMinMaxStrings (object min, object max)
void UpdateText (CellContext context, double cellWidth)
void UpdateText (Pango.Layout layout, double cellWidth, string text)

Static Public Member Functions

static int GetArrowWidth (int headerHeight)

Protected Member Functions

override void ClippedRender (CellContext context)
virtual void ClippedRender (Hyena.Data.Gui.CellContext context)
virtual void ClippedRender (Cairo.Context cr)
override string GetText (object obj)
void GrabPointer ()
void InvalidateRender (Rect area)
virtual void OnLayoutUpdated ()
virtual void OnSizeChanged ()
void ReleasePointer ()

Protected Attributes

string MinString


Pango.Alignment Alignment [get, set]
Rect Allocation [get, set]
double Alpha [get, set]
Brush Background [get, set]
Hyena.Data.IDataBinder Binder [get, set]
object BoundObject [get, set]
object BoundObjectParent [get]
Rect ContentAllocation [get, set]
Size ContentSize [get, set]
Size DesiredSize [get, set]
virtual Pango.EllipsizeMode EllipsizeMode [get, set]
bool Expand [get, set]
Size FixedSize [get, set]
virtual Pango.Weight FontWeight [get, set]
Brush Foreground [get, set]
bool HasSort [get, set]
double Height [get, set]
virtual Rect InvalidationRect [get]
bool IsEllipsized [get]
virtual bool IsPointerGrabbed [get]
Thickness Margin [get, set]
MarginStyle MarginStyle [get, set]
double MaxWidth [get, set]
double MinWidth [get, set]
ObjectBinder ObjectBinder [get, set]
double Opacity [get, set]
Thickness Padding [get, set]
CanvasItem Parent [get, set]
Action< Cairo.Context, Theme,
Rect, double > 
PrelightRenderer [get, set]
string Property [get, set]
Size RenderSize [get, set]
bool RestrictSize [get, set]
CanvasItem RootAncestor [get]
bool SingleParagraphMode [get, set]
string Text [get]
string TextFormat [get, set]
Func< object, string > TextGenerator [get, set]
int TextHeight [get]
int TextWidth [get]
Theme Theme [get, set]
string TooltipMarkup [get, set]
bool UseMarkup [get, set]
Rect VirtualAllocation [get, set]
bool Visible [get, set]
double Width [get, set]


EventHandler< EventArgs > LayoutUpdated
EventHandler< EventArgs > SizeChanged

Private Attributes

DataHandler data_handler
bool has_sort

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file ColumnHeaderCellText.cs.

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