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SmugMugNet::SmugMugProxy Class Reference

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class  SmugMugParam

Static Public Member Functions

static Album CreateAlbum (string title, int category_id, string session_id)
static Album CreateAlbum (string title, int category_id, string session_id, bool is_public)
static Album[] GetAlbums (string session_id)
static Uri GetAlbumUrl (int image_id, string session_id)
static Category[] GetCategories (string session_id)
static string LoginWithHash (int user_id, string password_hash)
static Credentials LoginWithPassword (string username, string password)
static void Logout (string session_id)
static int Upload (string path, int album_id, string session_id)

Static Private Member Functions

static void CheckResponseXml (XmlDocument doc)
static string FormatGetUrl (string method_name, params SmugMugParam[] parameters)
static XmlDocument GetResponseXml (string url)

Private Attributes

const string ALBUMS_CREATE_METHOD = "smugmug.albums.create"
const string ALBUMS_GET_METHOD = "smugmug.albums.get"
const string ALBUMS_GET_URLS_METHOD = "smugmug.images.getURLs"
const string APIKEY = "umtr0zB2wzwTZDhF2BySidg0hY0le3K6"
const string CATEGORIES_GET_METHOD = "smugmug.categories.get"
const string CATEGORY_ID = "CategoryID"
const string EMAIL = "EmailAddress"
const string GET_URL = "https://api.SmugMug.com/hack/rest/"
const string ID = "id"
const string IMAGE_ID = "ImageID"
const string LOGIN_WITHHASH_METHOD = "smugmug.login.withHash"
const string LOGIN_WITHPASS_METHOD = "smugmug.login.withPassword"
const string LOGOUT_METHOD = "smugmug.logout"
const string PASSWORD = "Password"
const string PASSWORD_HASH = "PasswordHash"
const string POST_URL = "https://upload.SmugMug.com/hack/rest/"
const string SESSION_ID = "SessionID"
const string TITLE = "Title"
const string USER_ID = "UserID"
const string VERSION = "1.1.1"

Detailed Description

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