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Hyena::StringUtil Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static string CamelCaseToUnderCase (string s)
static string CamelCaseToUnderCase (string s, char underscore)
static int DoubleToPluralInt (double num)
static string DoubleToTenthsPrecision (double num)
static string DoubleToTenthsPrecision (double num, bool always_decimal)
static string DoubleToTenthsPrecision (double num, bool always_decimal, IFormatProvider provider)
static string EscapeFilename (string input)
static string EscapeLike (string s)
static string EscapePath (string input)
static IEnumerable< object > FormatInterleaved (string format, params object[] objects)
static string Join (this IEnumerable< string > strings, string sep)
static string MaybeFallback (string input, string fallback)
static int RelaxedCompare (string a, string b)
static int RelaxedIndexOf (string haystack, string needle)
static string RemoveHtml (string input)
static string RemoveNewlines (string input)
static string SearchKey (string val)
static byte[] SortKey (string orig)
static string SubstringBetween (this string input, string start, string end)
static uint SubstringCount (string haystack, string needle)
static string UnderCaseToCamelCase (string s)

Static Private Member Functions

static Regex BuildInvalidPathRegex ()
static Dictionary< char, char > BuildSpecialCases ()

Static Private Attributes

static Regex camelcase = new Regex ("([A-Z]{1}[a-z]+)", RegexOptions.Compiled)
static CompareOptions compare_options
static CompareInfo culture_compare_info = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.CompareInfo
static readonly char[] escape_path_trim_chars = new char[] {'.', '\x20'}
static readonly char[] escaped_like_chars = new char[] {'\\', '%', '_'}
static Regex invalid_path_regex = BuildInvalidPathRegex ()
static Dictionary< char, char > searchkey_special_cases = BuildSpecialCases ()
static Regex tags = new Regex ("<[^>]+>", RegexOptions.Compiled | RegexOptions.Multiline)

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