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abstract TagTypes TagLib::Tag::TagTypes [get, inherited]

Gets the tag types contained in the current instance.

A bitwise combined TagLib.TagTypes containing the tag types contained in the current instance.

For a standard tag, the value should be intuitive. For example, TagLib.Id3v2.Tag objects have a value of TagLib.TagTypes.Id3v2. However, for tags of type TagLib.CombinedTag may contain multiple or no types.

Reimplemented in TagLib::Ape::Tag, TagLib::Asf::Tag, TagLib::CombinedTag, TagLib::Flac::Metadata, TagLib::Gif::GifCommentTag, TagLib::Id3v1::Tag, TagLib::Id3v2::Tag, TagLib::IFD::IFDTag, TagLib::Image::CombinedImageTag, TagLib::Jpeg::JpegCommentTag, TagLib::Mpeg4::AppleTag, TagLib::NonContainer::Tag, TagLib::Ogg::GroupedComment, TagLib::Ogg::XiphComment, TagLib::Png::PngTag, TagLib::Riff::DivXTag, TagLib::Riff::InfoTag, TagLib::Riff::MovieIdTag, and TagLib::Xmp::XmpTag.

Definition at line 150 of file Tag.cs.

Referenced by TagLib::Image::File::GetTag(), TagLib::Jpeg::File::ReadAPP1Segment(), TagLib::Jpeg::File::ReadCOMSegment(), and TagLib::Image::File::RemoveTags().

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