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void TagLib::Tiff::Cr2::File::Read ( ReadStyle  propertiesStyle ) [inline, private]

Reads the information from file with a specified read style.

propertiesStyleA ReadStyle value specifying at what level of accuracy to read the media properties, or ReadStyle.None to ignore the properties.

Definition at line 189 of file File.cs.

References TagLib::File::Mode, TagLib::File::TagTypes, and TagLib::File::TagTypesOnDisk.

                  Mode = AccessMode.Read;
                  try {
                        ImageTag = new CombinedImageTag (TagTypes.TiffIFD);

                        ReadFile ();

                        TagTypesOnDisk = TagTypes;

                        if (propertiesStyle != ReadStyle.None)
                              properties = ExtractProperties ();

                  } finally {
                        Mode = AccessMode.Closed;

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